Who are the Joseph’s Generations?

The Holy Bible, the only book that has never been out of print in over 500 years, is the human Creator’s Manual that contains ultimate revelation of Laws and Principles given to mankind to live successful and fulfilled life on earth. This is a book that cannot be ignored irrespective of your faith. Take a look at it for the glimpse of the Principles and Laws to live a successful life on earth, not just to learn the verses as a religious act.

King David, from the Bible, the father of King Solomon, the wealthiest and wisest man on earth, and there has never been another person like King Solomon till today. King Solomon’s father, King David says if you teach me the laws and the Principles of God I will not fail; they will preserve me.

The Yosef (Joseph) Generations are people like king Hezekiah who did what was right in the eyes of God… just as His father, David has done. 2 Kings 18:3

>> These are problem solvers for other God’s Children.

>> They have the heart to do what is right in the eyes of God… Joseph in Genesis 39:9 ... “because thou art his wife: how then can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God?”.

>> They have Giant-Killer Spirit of David, Moses, Joshua, and Caleb.

>> They Travail until they Prevail (David was anointed 3 times before He was King).


The Inner Circle – JG Project

Joseph Generations Workshop>> The core mission behind the project is to prepare and take Single Male Men through finding the right wife, starting a Business and Building a Thriving Family, raising Godly children.

>> The inner circle is strictly for male Men (and their wife-to-be/wife).

>> The project is essentially an Inner Circle where we raise “The Joseph Generations”.

The Joseph Generations Inner Circle will expose you to Ancient Wisdom, Timeless Principles, Strategies and Tactics for both Spiritual Abundance and Financial Abundance that will continue to pave the way for extraordinary and stable life that will perpetuate into generations to come.

The Joseph Generation Project is a Gym for your Soul… a journey process for self-improvement for your life, family, business, relationships…

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