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Your family operates at the speed of your Thought. What happens when the future forecast for your family is foggy? A key solution is honing your Creativity, a critical tool to think solutions for a problem.

With our special coaching session for Family, on howto keep a creative spark alive, you will learn more in one hour of coaching than you can learn in 5 years on your own. These strategies have worked for mankind over last 3000 years.

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Preparing for Father-Led Home

The Power of TwoWhenever a group of people suffers from the pathologies of crime, poverty, and homelessness, the main culprit is nearly always fatherless families.

Before any tiny spark of freedom could be ignited that would lead to a healthy nation, father-led families needed to be restored as a normative pattern.

Be part of our marriage Clinic to prepare for the most Creative and Fruitful thing that can ever happen in your life. You will learn:

1. Why shacking up is for financial fools.
2. Why single (including Widows) people, divorced people, and couples who cohabit make much less money than married couples… you will understand what Married Couple really is, not just defined by a piece of paper from marriage registration office and/or religious ceremony!
3. Why If you care about poverty, if you care about inequality, you need to care about marriage.
4. Why Counter-intuitive Dating ideas make for better Marriages...

Our coaching programme comes with eNote with GameChanger Gems and Nuggets on marriage.

You will know the description and character of the Single (Male Man and Female Man) that God says should Marry.

The programme will layout the preparations you need to make before God can say “this male or female is not good to be alone”. You will be among the top 3% of marriages that’re destined for outstanding success and fulfilment, raising generational battle-hardened Army of God.

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The Two Singles That Should Marry...

Divorce is never the problemThe Two Singles That Should Marry

Thinking of getting married? This is your perfect guide to help you make this very important decision in your life!

When you listen to the world out there, they want to make you believe that marriage don't work anymore. BUT that is a lie from the devil and those who continue to speak his lies are his children!

Divorce is never the problem; only the two singles involved.

The enemy of marriage is not sin, satan, in-laws or out-laws, witchcraft, parent, upbringing environments. BUT THE IGNORANCE OF THE TWO SINGLES IN THE MARRIAGE. Human beings love to blame everyone and everything but themselves.

Everyone always learn to drive. Marriage is not an exception. When you know how a thing is supposed to work, it will work for you.

That's the reason for our marriage Clinic, where the two singles are thought correctly on how to be married and stay married. The Truth from the teaching comes from the manufacturer of the institution of marriage, our Good Lord, Jehovah Elohim. ONLY the Good Lord can join two singles in lasting and enduring marriage, NOT a pastor or rabbi from any church or synagogue. Any marriage that is NOT joined by the Good Lord is not marriage but just human beings playing their own worldly game, experimenting. Not all marriages in churches and synagogues are joint by God, this may be a shocker to you!

Love does not make marriage work. You can get emotional all you want but that's the savage truth! Don't be fooled; don't get married because you say you love someone. Love is not the problem, it's the knowledge to function inside marriage. GET KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING AND APPLY IT.

I love aircrafts but don't know how to fly them. You can love something but don't know how to do it or make it work. Marriage is no different.

Choosing a spouse to marry must not be taken without proper consideration and training.

That's why we have produced the 8 instruction steps to guide you through the process, the package that has taken us well over 25 years to put together, since 1994, based on personal experiences, and seating at the feet of mentors, coaches and a Rabbi.

If you're ready or considering turning your single life around, be part of this comprehensive Group Coaching sessions. Becoming a father/wife and providing your child with a father/wife can make the coming years richer and healthier. The group coaching session comes with our special teaching eNote, never released to the public, as your everyday guide on building a father-led-home and how to navigate the wonderful terrain called marriage journey.

You can learn more about the Group Coaching at our open monthly online meeting.

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NTSL New eNote: Make Your Days To Count

NTSL eNote: Make Your Days To CountThis eNote shows you the most reliable way to make each day of your life counts (i.e. remaining a productive human being) by continually build your spiritual backbone for making tough decisions; confronting challenges head-on; with steady internal self-discipline.

Our Coaching eNotes are evergreen, meaning it will always be relevant today, 10 or 100 years from now, timeless principles on which you can build the ever changing world.

We have a Free and Live marathon online meeting, for Personal Development, Crypto and business, on 3rd Tuesday of every month. The live webinar is designed to complement our coaching series, where we discuss and do deep dives into current issues in the changing world, in more details. We make life journey easier.
Remember: NTSL Coaching is a safe place in an unsafe world!

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Partner With Us ... Partnership comes with its Privileges.

Partner With Us ... Partnership comes with its PrivilegesFor the next growth phase, we're looking for some self-motivated people to partner up with us.

NTSL Is Coaching is one-of-its-kind, GameChanging Programme for rebuilding family, the smallest unit of any thriving community.

Partnering up with us is the perfect chance for you to get an inside exclusive peek into the business process, use our blueprint to transform yourself, family and business, and earn reward in the process.

Are you self-starter and experienced salesperson? Are you competent with YouTube, Video and Podcast technologies? Do you want God to flow His Wealth and Truths, through you to all His children?

We want to hear from you! Let's discuss the list of problems that you can solve for our business.

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7-Parts Podcast series: The Battle Of The Airwaves, How The Devil Takes Over Your Soul And Then Your Life.

NTSL Podcast For FamilyFor some adults, what will be revealed, it may be too late for you. But you need this critical info to fight for your children and your unborn generations.

We will reveal, with Ancient Wisdom proofs, that those who seat behind closed doors with AGENDA, controlling the AIRWAVES, control your life, your children and, with clear global plans to destroy your unborn generations.

Even if you're not a Christian or Jew, pls listen with an open mind, most of what you will be hearing over the 7-Parts Podcast may turned out to be a wakeup call for you and your family. You may be shocked where you've not been looking!

Become a Happy Warrior and fight hard for your Family!


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Podcast: How is a professional?

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