You’ve been a Happy Warrior from your PARENT Intimacy.

You’re a Happy Warrior with Dominion Authority to conquer the world, conquer all situations and make them better for God’s other children. However, you’re commanded not to dominate any human being! [Genesis 1:26-27.]

Let me prove it to you, by telling you a story about your personal and my personal past:

Long, long time ago, when your father touched your mother, he released 500million sperms into her. From that moment, all the 500M sperms where in competitive race to reach just that one egg produced by your mother, with the sole mission to be the one to fertilise that egg.

Along the way, so many sperms didn’t make it, except the one chosen by Jehovah Elohim, the living God… YOU!!! You made it against all odds, swimming in sometimes toxic liquid in your mother.

You eventually made it to the end, fertilised the egg, and became a female man; ALL human beings started as female man.

If God decides He wanted Male Man, you would have received a sudden jolt of testosterone energy, pronto, you’re a male man. God only produced human species in TWO MODELS, Male Man and Female Man. Any other model is illegal and has no purpose in the mind of God, our manufacturer.

As you grew in your mother’s womb, you eventually come to the battle before you exit to this wonderful world, from your mother’s birth canal. That battle is intense but so essential for your STRENGTH and HEALTH, through the NATURAL birth process.

Women, never try to avoid birth pain because that’s required for baby’s natural strength and health… this’s by special design, by the manufacturer of human beings, our Good lord.

Your mother then nurtured your strength and health, by her specially designed breast milk, with all manner of fortified goodies, from God.

So, here you’re today, just because a devil’s cheap little recruit, and probably fake one, toughed you or threatened you, you’re running in fear and hiding under the sycamore tree, like Elijah, wanting to die.

Where’s the warrior spirit in you? Your victory is in the battle. The protection of your family and business is in the battle. Your legacy is in the battle.

When you finished the first leg of your journey here on earth, Jesus, the Yahshua only looks at the battles that you fought and won, NOT your intentions, that never blessed other God’s children.

To stop fighting is to die. The choice is YOURS!

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Wishing you future joy in your work,
David Eyiangho

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July 24, 2022 / Leave a Comment / By David Eyiangho

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