The War On Humanity.

There is a raging War on humanity now, with laser focus on the Bible’s brilliant message (and warning) on NIMROD system turning everyone into "BRICKS" instead of the precious individual "STONES" those human beings really are.

Robots, all the same, instead of unique individuals who have varying degrees of talent and willingness to serve others, therefore deserve more Spiritual and Resource Abundance, and Joy and Fulfilment.

Unscrupulous corporations forcing vaccines on their employees to reduce the population, g for YOUR government sanctioning and rubber stamping immorality…

Open your eyes, keep your ears to the ground, you might hear the silent footsteps of change coming!

DON’T JUST PRAY, continue to rebuild your Spiritual Qualities/Character Traits. This is your Internal moral regulator towards goodness, wealth and prosperity without sorrows.

Keep your Family and Business moving in the right direction; TOWARDS THE EAST.


Wishing you future joy in your work,
David Eyiangho

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July 29, 2022 / Leave a Comment / By David Eyiangho

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