The Two Singles That Should Marry.

When you listen to the world out there, they want to make you believe that marriage don’t work anymore.

BUT that is a lie from the devil and those who continue to speak his lies are his children!

Divorce is never the problem; the problem has always been with the two singles involved in the marriage.

Everyone always learn to drive. Marriage is not an exception. When you know how a thing is supposed to work, it will work for you.

The antidote to marriage failure epidemic, inside and out the church, is marriage “Clinic”, where the two singles are thought correctly on how to be married and stay married. The Truth from the teaching MUST come from the manufacturer of the institution of marriage, our Good Lord, Jehovah Elohim. ONLY the Good Lord can join two singles in lasting and enduring marriage, NOT a pastor or rabbi from any church or synagogue. Any marriage that is NOT joined by the Good Lord is not marriage but just human beings playing their own worldly game, experimenting. Not all marriages in churches and synagogues are joint by God, this may be a shocker to you!


Pls note that there’s no scripture in the Bible that commanded you to get married. You don’t need to get married to be happy… you are commanded to be happy by God. NO one can make you happy, ONLY yourself (that’s a savage Truth!). Stop going about looking for a spouse or friends that will make you happy, it will never happen. You must make that decision to be happy every day of your life, irrespective of what’s happening around you or the people around you. This is how you will attract other happy people into your life.


Your decision to get married is a decision that only you can make. The good Lord will never tell you who to marry. Beware of false prophets out there collecting your hard-earned money to tell you who to marry. If you decide not to marry, that’s ok, but you’re not smart if you don’t, as you will miss the immeasurable joy and benefits (for example, raising a family makes you a better person!) that will perpetuate into generations… your legacy can live on long after you have completed the first leg of your journey here on earth!

From the beginning of Genesis, the Bible laid out the commands for the Man (Male Man) and instructions for the Woman (Female Man) …. the two singles that can form a lasting marriage. When a single is equipped with this knowledge and its understanding, they’re ready to decide who they want to marry, in addition to the awesome tools that God has given to every human being: e.g. When you make decisions with your Intellect (your brain with 500 billion cells to think, and God’s wisdom … His principles and Laws) you get Peace and Joy. These are the things I wished I had known before I was 13 years old!!!

When the two singles of those descriptions, get married and the husband being the mentor, and their marriage is based on Agape love, with strongest friendship bonds, there’s nothing that can shake the marriage, with the third cord in the marriage, being the Good Lord. Action with knowledge and understanding is the key! That’s the savage Truth!


Love does not make marriage work. You can get emotional all you want but that’s the savage truth! Don’t be fooled; don’t get married because you say you love someone. Love is not the problem, it’s the knowledge to function inside marriage. GET KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING AND APPLY IT.

I love aircrafts but don’t know how to fly them. You can love something but don’t know how to do it or make it work. Marriage is no different.

Choosing a spouse to marry must not be taken without proper consideration and training.

That’s why I have produced the following instruction steps to guide you through the process, the package that has taken me well over 25 years to put together, since 1994, based on personal experiences, and seating at the feet of mentors, coaches and a Rabbi.


STEP #1: Work on rebuilding character traits… Integrity, Creativity, Self-control…

STEP #2: Work on building relationship with God. Get to know Him better by doing deep dive into His Word, His Wisdom … Principles and Laws He gave to live a successful and fulfilled life here on earth.

STEP #3: Transform yourself to the male man/female man BEFORE the fall. This is the core of marriage clinic… understanding and actioning on the 5 commands God gave to male man, and Instructions for female man. This was at the core of what Jesus, the Yahshua was explaining to the Pharisees in Matthew 19:3-12.

STEP #4: Look for who to marry. Tips and strategies. If you’re a single mother, dating and courting, which one will yield the best result. Note that overwhelming majority of child abuse cases are committed by the boyfriends of mothers… with no biological connection to the child.

STEP #5: Get married. Let the Glorious marriage adventures starts. Practical advice from God’s wisdom, especially the ONLY kind of “LOVE” that produce lasting and enduring marriage.

STEP #6: Building your family and raising fantastic children… male (only male man is equipped to lead and raise a successful male child) and female children.

STEP #7: Building thriving business and investment. Creating your own “NeverFail” life control system. Plan for your legacy.

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Wishing you future joy in your work,
David Eyiangho

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July 26, 2022 / Leave a Comment / By David Eyiangho

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