RESULT [Success] or PROCESS [Poverty]?

The Re-Imaging of the Church of Jesus Christ… The Five-Fold-Ministry is in full swing, alive and kicking!

Religion are born out of individuals who become so legalistic about what they do, and they never really create an avenue by which other people can come along. They instead demand for processing of things and new ideas that has very little to do with the Purpose of the Creator (God) for Earth. They default to Process instead of Result, the only thing is pleasing to God.

If you become so bound NOT to principles but to other things inside your life that have no room and plan for the lost connecting and pursuing God’s Agendas for earth, that’s the point, you’re truly religious.

In life there’re only two kinds of people, Process and Result people.

Process people are ok to go through life seeking help at every corner. They normally play the game of victim, under-privilege, emotions/feelings, equality, waiting on God to doing things for them... They never question why they are laid-back and continue to do things if they feel like it or hardly ever complete a task that can bring good results for growth.

Result people have no choice, you can talk all you want about compassions, emotions/feeling, sleep, rest, leisure…, they need to make decisions that produce results. Men are generally result people. Women are mostly process people and they can remain in process with their children even when their children are in their 40s. ONE CLUE HERE: This is one of reasons God intended Male Man (man) and Female Man (woman) to be together as husband and wife!

The church is in process mode, actively breeding and nurturing process people, 24x7. The people did not change, so the church changed.

My question to you now is this, are you a Process person or a Result person?

Result is synonymous with purpose, vision, boldness, focus (what you’re looking at), good decision, determination, internal discipline, joy, success, fulfilled life…; Process is synonymouswith poverty, lack, misery, lack of direction, gossips, tv, video games, they’re full of intentions, slothfulness, never consistent…

Jesus says every branch in me that bears no fruits, He takes away. This is the proof that Jesus expects us to be productive.

King Solomon says in Proverbs 22:29 KJV Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.

What’re you doing today that have the potentials to open the doors to people character… kings, the queen and the nobles of this world?


In the Exodus story, God told Moses to tell the children of Israel to move into the water… they did until the water was up to their necks.

Then God told Moses to stretch out his rod to part the sea, and the sea was parted, and the children of Israel were able to cross the sea on dry land.

What’s the lesson and key principle here? When you’re waiting on God, you will not make it. This is because God is waiting on us to make the first move, as a proof of your faith with your brain with 500billions cells, HS, Anointing…

Move forward even when the road ahead is not clear. This can be scary, but your victory is on the other side of that wall of fear.

You’re not an animal. You’re a human being with awesome Free Gift of Will Power from God. So you can change. You just need to make that decision BY YOURSELF ONLY, use your brain with 500billion cells in it, work with Holy Spirit and your anointing, and follow God’s Principles and Laws, for living a successful and prosperous life on earth.

Don’t plan to go to Heaven BROKE, like Lazarus! Cultivate a business (Success) culture around you. The Kings and Queens shall bring their Glory and Honour ... Money has been brought on a steady basis into the City of God. Rev 21:24 The words: Glory and Honour … Thema in Hebrew, is a value, mainly money. That means a business culture, beyond the millennium, according to your gift… specialisation.

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Wishing you future joy in your work,
David Eyiangho

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September 4, 2022 / Leave a Comment / By David Eyiangho

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